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The Ping-Pong® Primo table tennis bat is equipped with ‘Power Balance’ and ‘Balsa Tech’ technology and is perfectly suited for tournament play.


Complete your table tennis table with a bat that is perfect for friendly and tournament competition.


The Ultra-light weight balsa wood center-ply helps increase speed and reaction time.


A concave Italian composite handle improves the racket for better control.


The inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball.


Maxx Rubber 2.0mm sponge also enhances speed and spin.



  • Ultra-light weight balsa wood center-ply
  • Concave Italian composite handle
  • 2.0mm Maxx Rubber sponge
  • SPEED of 90
  • SPIN of 95
  • CONTROL of 82
Strenght Quality Performance

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